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JP-H043896-A: Method and device for forming plasma armature of rail gun type electromagnetic accelerator patent, JP-H0439200-A: Launch-lock system applied to small pocket/micro-gravity experimental device patent, JP-H0439463-A: Wear condition detecting method and connecting force control device in lockup clutch of fluid coupling patent, JP-H0439764-A: Document correcting device patent, JP-H0439893-A: Manufacturing selenium-including compound semiconductor thin film and electroluminescence element patent, JP-H0440426-A: Nonlinear element patent, JP-H0440900-A: Measurement of number of bacteria in water patent, JP-H0441127-A: Wire recovering device for wire discharge machining device patent, JP-H0441131-A: Seal ring installation device patent, JP-H0442007-A: Relative position aligning apparatus patent, JP-H0442836-A: Glass having low-reflectance multilayer film patent, JP-H044486-A: Ic memory card processor patent, JP-H0444920-A: Packaging device patent, JP-H0445441-A: Stabilizing solution and processing method for silver halide color photographic sensitive material patent, JP-H0446465-A: Picture information encoding system patent, JP-H0447090-A: Method of fixing glass pane to window frame patent, JP-H0447836-A: Information transfer device patent, JP-H0448074-A: Thin film forming device patent, JP-H0448291-A: Ge semiconductor radiation detecting device patent, JP-H0448421-A: Production of thin-film magnetic head patent, JP-H0449036-A: Polystyrene sheet for drawing container patent, JP-H044957-A: Centering device for roll stand for continuous caster patent, JP-H0449661-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H0450007-A: Suspension device of vehicle patent, JP-H04500209-A: patent, JP-H04500908-A: patent, JP-H04501326-A: patent, JP-H04502235-A: patent, JP-H04502622-A: patent, JP-H04502875-A: patent, JP-H045029-A: Pneumatic tire patent, JP-H04503234-A: patent, JP-H04503874-A: patent, JP-H04504409-A: patent, JP-H04504701-A: patent, JP-H04506606-A: patent, JP-H04506719-A: patent, JP-H04506786-A: patent, JP-H0450929-A: Nonlinear optical material patent, JP-H0452734-A: Exception detecting circuit for general-purpose register patent, JP-H0452750-A: Pre-command interpreter system patent, JP-H0453301-A: Delay line and microwave phase shifter patent, JP-H0454276-A: Roller bearing of starter patent, JP-H045456-A: Cooling device for internal combustion engine patent, JP-H0454681-A: Color picture processor patent, JP-H045478-A: Gas compressor patent, JP-H0455538-A: Balcony patent, JP-H0456252-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H0456405-A: Chip type piezoelectric resonator patent, JP-H0456523-A: High frequency unit for receiving bs-if patent, JP-H0456782-A: Black chromating solution for zn-ni alloy plating patent, JP-H0457844-A: Silicone-modified propylene polymer and its preparation patent, JP-H0457932-A: Coarse-fine yarn having modified cross section and plural hollows prepared from single yarn patent, JP-H0458954-A: Facial device patent, JP-H0459019-A: Method of solvent recovery treatment patent, JP-H0459816-A: Production of polymer dispersed polyol patent, JP-H0459939-A: Intermetallic compound al3ti base heat resistant alloy patent, JP-H046087-A: Oil sampling device patent, JP-H0461629-A: Optical pickup device patent, JP-H0461972-A: Method and apparatus for screening powdery and granular material patent, JP-H0463953-A: Forced air cooling horizontal engine patent, JP-H0464307-A: Bar-like cosmetic container patent, JP-H0465573-A: Method for carrying out surface modification of synthetic fiber fabric patent, JP-H0465847-A: Method and jig for forming metal protrusion patent, JP-H0466418-A: Paper feed cassette patent, JP-H0467805-A: Microwave operation hair curler patent, JP-H0469667-A: Carrier for electrostatic charge image developing patent, JP-H0469941-A: Bonding method for integrated circuit patent, JP-H0470869-A: Toner jet recorder patent, JP-H0471139-A: Closing method for opening end portion of glass bulb patent, JP-H0473176-A: Transfer printer patent, JP-H0474105-A: Antibacterial agent patent, JP-H0474124-A: Anti-hypertensive agent and its production patent, JP-H0474249-A: Bus control system patent, JP-H0475941-A: Paper size detecting device for laser printer patent, JP-H0476886-A: Memory patent, JP-H0477389-A: Device for growing crystal by molecular beam patent, JP-H0477395-A: Production of diamond single crystal film and diamond single crystal film obtained by this method patent, JP-H0477554-A: Glass fiber reinforced polyamide resin composition patent, JP-H0477766-A: Electrifying member patent, JP-H0478268-A: Picture binarizing processor patent, JP-H0478673-A: Snow travel device for automobile patent, JP-H0478872-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H0479408-A: Delay line patent, JP-H0480453-A: Rain-water gutter supporting device for prefabricated house patent, JP-H0480589-A: Atmospheric baking device patent, JP-H0480774-A: Developing device patent, JP-H0481499-A: Crystallization inhibitory composition patent, JP-H048215-A: Apparatus for preventing slip-off of belt blade of mower patent, JP-H0482873-A: Production of n-benzylpyrroles patent, JP-H0483072-A: Lock releasing mechanism patent, JP-H0483642-A: Bottle rotating device in peripheral surface printing press patent, JP-H0483682-A: Acceptor layer transferring method patent, JP-H0484064-A: Air direction changing-over device for air conditioner patent, JP-H0484517-A: Clocked inverter circuit patent, JP-H0485310-A: Production of syndiotactic poly-alpha-olefin patent, JP-H0486453-A: Hot water storing type electrical hot water heater having additional boiling function patent, JP-H048646-A: Interior decoration material for car patent, JP-H0487101-A: Illuminating fixture patent, JP-H0487152-A: Nonaqueous battery patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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